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Quiz James Caan on Twitter this Friday!

1 Mins

This is your one chance to turn the tables on a Dragon – join James Caan for a Twitter debate on Friday at noon.

In association with Real Business, join James Caan and Symantec’s Ross Walker for a one-hour debate on Friday July 8.

The Twitter debate will focus on the risk-taking nature of entrepreneurs. It’s a hot topic at the moment, as entrepreneurs push the boundaries to make their businesses successful.

  • What are the challenges that small businesses face?
  • How can SMEs take the right risks and improve their businesses?
  • What are the threats to company data?
  • How can SMEs protect the information that keeps their business running?

All you have to do is tweet @Real_Business with your questions or comments, using the hashtag #SMBrisk, and we’ll put your questions to James Caan.

While James Caan will give advice on business-related questions, Symantec’s Ross Walker will look at the risks SMEs face.

Join the debate by tweeting @Real_Business with your comments, using the hashtag #smbrisk on Friday July 8.

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