Raef Bjayou, The Apprentice and the blogs

Entrepreneur Raef Bjayou is going to be watched closely by us at Real Business. But we are not the only ones.

Jim Riley, in the tutor2u blog, thought that the debonair Raef Bjayoubore a resemblance to tennis ace Roger Federer.

Paul Groves in his Groves Media blog kicked off by describing Raef Bjayou as loving the sound of his own voice, even if he hasn?t got anything worth saying.

The Sussist asked: “will someone please tell him he ain’t starring in Sense and Sensibility?!The entrepreneur, in the opinion of Dean Piper’s World, is the most pompous twerp I’ve ever seen in my life. He describes everything in his life in the third person, is hilariously rude without even realising it.Entrepreneur Raef Bjayou didn’t impress Rants from a Yoof.

His name sounds like a bright and colourful alcoholic drink but his personality is a definite ?computer says no?…why use one word when fifty eight will do? His hair looks like a 4,000 year old Ming vase, which if breathed upon, would shatter into an amazing number of pieces.Related storiesSir Alan Sugar: “they call me a wanker and then they lose ?1bn”Alan Sugar’s new entrepreneur apprenticeSir Alan Sugar: women employers are more ruthless than menRaef Bjayou, The Apprentice and the blogs

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