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Rahul Powar king of the apps

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There’s lots of hype about the “apps” sector right now – applications for use on mobile devices. Now we’re beginning to see some real business taking place in this space.

Today it’s been announced that Apsmart has received backing from DN Capital. You can read the full deal report here.

Apsmart’s extremely limited website says the company provides “Professional services and solutions for high-tier smartphone platforms. Bespoke development targeting iPhone, Android, RIM and the Mobile Web.”

Founder of Apsmart, Rahul Powar, has a pukka track record in this new space. Formerly a senior technical whizz at the music discovery search engine, Shazam, Powar is described by a former colleague Chris Reynolds as: “one of the most gifted architects I have ever worked with. His technical knowledge and ability to bring solutions to complex problems is unsurpassed.”

Powar is a noted sceptic about the long-term value of free content websites. He told the Guardian: “"Generally speaking, free is great for people who want to raise brand awareness, usage stats or drive traffic to their site. But, for all but a handful of very sticky applications, monetisation via traditional mobile banner advertising compromises the user experience and does not make real money at this point," Powar says. "Direct monetisation of the app is currently the best way to make money off the property, either via charging [for the] app outright or via subscription if it is a content play.”

Certainly a business and an entrepreneur to watch.  

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