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Real Business Broadband

Real Business Broadband is a nationwide campaign shining a light on the uneven distribution of superfast services. It brings together the small and medium-sized businesses currently being underserved and the telecoms companies charged with making services fit for purpose. The campaign will not rest until every British business is able to access the connection it needs – and deserves.

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Projecting a professional and stable brand image
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Become a broadband VIP – the easy way to get top level service from your provider
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The small business internet approach
A small business internet approach – the differing demands of the business spectrum
Thousands sign up to paint snail shells and clean portaloos in exchange for free WiFi
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KCOM plans to ditch copper telephone wires – but will it actually impact SMEs?
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Set your employees free with a flexible lifestyle
A less regimented life: How faster broadband can help you lead a more flexible lifestyle
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SMEs must learn to shop around for the best broadband deals
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Tech hub
Interested in creating a tech hub? Be prepared to offer fast broadband
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Poor connectivity can hinder operations and stunt potential growth
Openreach boss admits broadband investment failings
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Leading the charge for better business broadband in the UK
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