RBS employees have told the Times the transfer will take place because the bank can’t make a profit out of these SMEs. The bankers say it will “lead to some of them being treated more harshly than other customers”.

The businesses likely to move into a ‘noncore’ category are the ones on the most competitive loan deals, according to the Times.

The move has garnered mixed reactions on Twitter. @RichardOsborne asks: "Isn’t focusing on core clients what every business does?"

He continues: “The banks must become viable again otherwise they will collapse.”

In response, @10Yetis tweets: “Agree, business does do that, but the government should not (they own majority stake).

“[Banks] can become viable on their own dime, not mine.”

What’s your take on RBS’s plans? Leave your comments below or on our forum.Related articlesWhat has your bank done for you lately?Banks are still big businessMandelson: all talk and no trousers?Picture source

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