Real Business Christmas Countdown: The Best of 2014: 1 December

While we’re not providing little pieces of chocolate on a daily basis for the journey to Christmas day, we are going to feed you rather delicious bite-sized chunks of SME and entrepreneurial goodness.

That means you can come to Real Business each morning and be sure we’ll serve you the finest reports from throughout 2014, comprising news, interviews, opinions and surreal business.

News: Online retailers will turn to the high street in 2014

Statistics continue to show that the power of online is seemingly omnipotent, but just three days into 2014 and that wasn’t the case, according to Royal Mail data. Perhaps it was the smell of Boxing Day sales in the air, but the postal service found that crowded online retailers were planning to go against the grain by introducing bricks and mortar stores for a better chance at competing with rivals.

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Interviews: Brandwatch and CentraStage: The impact of subscription models

Remember when you could buy something and it was yours, all yours Well, services such as Spotify and Netflix have changed the game by delivering subscription services that keeps their customers coming back for more to view and listen to content that they can only actually rent on a monthly basis. Real Business spoke to social media analytics service Brandwatch and cloud platform CentraStage about the rising trend and their usage of subscription and billing channel Zuora.

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Opinion: Top 3 startups of 2013

Facebook was once a startup and today it’s the largest social network in the world, generating billions of dollars, which in turn allows it to buy more startups like Instagram and WhatsApp.

So, with 2013 such a big year for startups, Brett Meyers, the CEO of CurrencyFair, opened up 2014″ by giving his thoughts on who the most impressive rising businesses of 2013 were.

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Surreal Business: Want a work promotion Travel abroad!

Maybe it’s the fresh sea air breathing new life into individuals or perhaps it’s absence making the heart grow fonder it may even be the sangria but whatever the reason, a survey of British adults in full-time employment found that there’s actually a link between having a holiday leading to promotions.

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