Real Business Christmas Countdown: The Best of 2014: 13 December

News: UK car industry exporting at a record rate

The auto industry is a massive export success story for the UK, with almost eight in ten cars produced here now being sold overseas. And July saw the production of 132,570 cars, a 2.8 per cent increase on the previous month, driving the UK car industry’s exports to their best result in any decade yet.

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Interview: How Alton Towers keeps its staff happy

?A happy team means happy guests? is the foundation upon which Alton Towers is based. Real Business talks to business development manager Ellie Jones about the behind-the-scenes magic that keeps Alton Towers staff motivated.?Fittingly, Jones starts off by explaining ‘the Merlin way’.

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Opinion: It will be a long while before men truly accept female leadership

The higher up the social and economic scale, the more PC it is to spout equality. Women struggle to juggle their double lives and equal opportunities and the men propound on how great it is.?Yet because of this, huge numbers of women?s groups campaign for special treatment for women, on the grounds that they are a special case, needing special help ? as indeed in the cabinet where there is a women?s minister ? no male equivalent exists.

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Surreal Business: Is this the most ridiculous venture to ever receive $1m in funding?

“Yo”, yes, you know exactly which app we’re talking about, for those who don’t it simply allows users to send each other the word “Yo”. And, oddly enough, back in June it somehow attracted $1m (?590,000) in venture funding! While it may on-the-face-of-it seem pointless, it now sports over 50,000 users and sent over 4m ?messages.? However, it’s still unclear how many of these signups were simply for the sake of being ironic.

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