Real Business loves the Livescribe Pulse Pen

It’s a pen, it’s a piano, it’s a camera, it’s a digital recorder.

In short, the Livescribe Pulse Pen is the accessory that Captain Kirk dreamed to have tucked into his non-existent breast pocket.

Regardless of the size of your business, this is the gadget to beat all gadgets.

At its most basic, the Livescribe Pulse Pen records words as you write them, translating them into a digital form that can then easily be tranferred onto your computer. It also records an audio file as back-up, so you have both a word doc and an mp3 file.

The Pulse Pen is extremely sophisticated. Draw a series of lines and you can tap the spaces to create piano music. You can even add a rhythm. Give the cool kids six months and whole albums will be written on the Pulse. And new applications are being designed all the time.

Pretty soon, a Pulse Pen application will be available that allows you to translate text simply by dragging the pen nib across the text.

Sounds too space age for words? Watch the Pulse Pen video.

The Pulse Pen is available from the Livescribe site, from £129.99Related articles Save the banks! Play the new "Grabbing Gordon" game Play the Layoff Game

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