Real FD: How to hire the right FD for your company

1. Dont get personal too early

In a first interview leave the personal stuff until last. It’s all too easy to find out after five minutes that you support the same football team and feel a bond, which means you end up thinking each other are great! But this isnt about finding a new best friend it’s about whether this is the right FD for the business.

2. Talk about a failure

Bring up something youve had an issue with and discuss how you dealt with it get the FD to share something which wasnt successful with you. You find out a lot more about a person and how you will click as a team when discussing what they learnt, how they dealt with the problem than both of you talking about how well things have gone.

3. Its not an interview it’s a meeting

At this level it should be a meeting not a grilling. This is your peer you are recruiting and theyve got to want to work with you and the business just as much as you with them.

4. Think before you introduce your chosen candidate to everyone without any input/chaperoning

Really make sure that you, the rest of your board and other key people and the prospective FD understand what the agenda is for further meetings down and across the business. Are these opportunities for input to be given or are you introducing the candidate as the one The candidate would do well not to relax too much!

5. A presentation, on a key business issue, to the board

In my opinion, this is always the best way to conclude the hiring exercise. Recruitment is a very imperfect process (‘you havent worked together until youve worked together’) but this is the closest you can both get to understanding how it might actually be when you do.

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