Recruitment videos at their best ? Muppets, singing, gamification and culture galore

The methods used to?attract talent have evolved over time, with recruitment videos going on to prove highly successful ? gone are the days where you relied solely on the newspaper to advertise a job.

But even then, ensnaring someone within a matter of seconds ? haven?t you heard, our attention span is worse than a goldfish ? is a difficult endeavour. So we rounded up what we thought were the best recruitment videos.

(1) Drop Box ? the overly unique

The answer to our recruitment woes? Puppets ? the muppet kind. It?s the trend that Dropbox tapped into, replacing the faces of staff with some amazingly emotive and vividly-coloured muppets. But of course, the two great things about the video are?the small details and humorous additions that?flesh out its culture.

(2) Deloitte ? hailing?interactive recruitment videos

What if you could have staff step into an employee?s shoes for the?day to see if they fit? It?s going to be a lengthy and expensive trial though, so why not go with the interactive version? Deloitte did something amazing by having its recruitment video filled with movie- and game-esque sequences, and prompts where potential candidates could choose which path they would go down in the office. The below is a sample of the full clip.

(3) Zendesk ? transparency is key

While we can?t go as far as saying its creativity is on par with the former?two videos, Zendesk says it like it is. It tells you where it’s based, what you?ll be doing, where you can eat, the place staff go to get drinks after work and even the window view from both sides of the office. It?s very specific, but it also means it’s incredibly transparent.

(4) Insomniac Games ? you?ll have the clip?s song in your head all day

There is proof that you don?t need a?big?budget to create a recruitment video that works. Insomniac Games chose to follow the ?show the office? route, but it threw in a talented singing employee as your guide, pointing out all the perks you stood to gain. It?s also a very catchy tune.

There are more recruitment videos to learn from ? so “flip the e-page” and check them out.

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