Recruitment videos at their best ? Muppets, singing, gamification and culture galore

(5)?BambooHr ? at the end of the day you’re still there to work

What the company does well is that it stays clear of romanticising anything. Sure, if you work there you?ll have the benefits of an amazing culture, as well as a good work-life balance ? the latter being the firm?s key priority. However, you?ll still need to work hard and perform well.

(6) Creative Carrots ? ?carrots come out to play?

Sometimes simple, or less, is more in recruitment videos. The Creative Carrots time shot what we think is one of the best recruitment videos, and it doesn?t use speech to get its message across ? we thought of it as pretty innovative.

(7) Starbucks ? employee testimonials

Bringing the recruitment videos advice list full-circle is a concept we have yet to touch upon: hearing from the employees themselves. Most recruitment videos rely on words from the top dogs, but what staff really want to know is how other employees?view the workplace ? it?s why Glassdoor is so popular.

(8) We needed to add the power of martial arts and voiceovers?onto the?list

Right, not for everyone, but it’s simple to do and we just couldn’t help but watch. A smile was granted at all times! It’s courtesy of Cloudlock. Sometimes all you need is viewing pleasure.

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