Relationships aren’t new in business

Online communication needs to be a big part of your business. It’s not because I believe being online is the future of your business or that it seems to be the fashionable thing to talk about at the moment, but because it offers us more from a conversation than the same one we would have on the phone or in person.

There isn?t too much you could type into the internet now that would not bring back exactly what you are looking for – you will more than likely find it online, be it businesses, people or just information on something.

How does it improve your service?

Having conversations online, rather than in person, may not always be the answer. Some things are still better person to person. But where possible, updating the communication channels with an online format will work magic and save you money.

It will help more people understand you as a business by the way you communicate with others. This is a great indicator of what to expect from a business. I call this pull marketing, as you are doing nothing more than showing the value you offer as a business, which will connect with people better than telling them about your value. 

The transparency this brings also means that you can see and find out more information about the people you are talking to, going deeper than before, finding common connections and points of interest, even relationships you may already have in common. This is great way to confirm the credibility of your business to a prospective customer, or help open up an existing relationships to work on.

If your customers speak to you online then they are really saying, ‘this is the way I feel comfortable talking to you.’ This helps you understand more about that person. They may decide to email you or send a message via a social network. If they decide to get in touch, this bit of information will help you with ongoing conversations and to build a relationship.

Relationships, like anything else in life, need time and effort. Online communication allows us to remove more barriers and helps us create a little more context when talking to people.

The levels of service expected of a business are constantly changing and only going up. People expect more from you, and in return are offering more than ever before to help us push the exit levels of success in our service.

James Curran is the founder of, “Creating tools designed for businesses that develop relationships.”

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