Relight the fire of growth in your business in five steps


Something else needs to be done: part of the ring may need cleaning; could be that a window needs to be closed to remove a draft; or perhaps the solution is as simple as buying a box of matches. Whatever needs to be done, the same old, same old just won?t cut it.

And it?s the same when business growth plateaus; reigniting growth requires some alternative thinking.

So what will help?

Step one: Fan the fire, not the smoke

Stop and take a look at what you?re currently focusing on. If it?s immediate ways to grow, stop. You can?t grow a fire when you?re only looking at the smoke.

To achieve sustainable business growth, a deeper investigation into your business is required. Look at everything, and ask why? Consult with your workforce to create a holistic view of how the business is going. This will help get to the root cause of why growth has slowed.

Also ask your existing customers about their experiences dealing with your business. This way you?ll get an external and internal critique of your company and its offerings.

With this information you?ll gain a clear idea of where your focus needs to be to have your business growth strategies blazing again.

In the words of Tony Montana, Joseph Valente wants the world ? and everything in it

Step two: Do you know what you want to cook?

Growth is great ? obviously ? but why do you want it? If you know that, reigniting growth becomes easier. Every business needs a vision: a recipe for success. Some visions exist only in the heads of business owners, but real feasts result from planned recipes.

Ready, Steady, Cook was fun, but do you really want your business to operate along similar lines to emptying a bag of surprise ingredients?

If you?re clear about what you want to achieve, employees understand exactly where their contribution fits, and you know what resources you need and how best to use them.

Should you find that your revenue streams are declining, immediately evaluate your vision. Is it still relevant to you and to your staff? If it is, there may be motivation issues to tackle. And if it isn?t, don?t delay reevaluating it; it?s important to reshape your vision.

On the next page you can discover the three remaining steps to take your business growth from burnt matchstick to roaring bonfire.

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