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Could embracing remote working give your business ‘the edge’?

Those who have embraced new technology and the remote way of working have seen their businesses flourish with employees who have found a new lease of life in the way they work.

Studies have found that remote staff are generally happier and stay in their jobs longer, (thanks in no small part to not having to rise early and engage in stressful and time-consuming commutes).

Happy staff = a productive business

happy staff
If staff are happy and productive, they’re more likely to stay with a business longer.

Businesses that are engaging in remote working are saving time and money too, with 46% of associated businesses?reporting reduced overhead costs according to one report, (including saving money on office space).

This year, another remote working survey stated that?77% of remote workers questioned said they were more productive working away from an office, with 30% claiming they got more work done in less time.

So, let’s break down what remote working could do for your business…

1. It will raise employee morale

Remote workers avoid long and energy-draining commutes.

Many employees find that the worst part of their working day is either side of coming into the office the commute. This can involve getting up earlier, getting home late, being stuck in traffic or even being crammed into a commuter train situations that everybody would like to avoid if they could.

Remote workers are more rested and productive

Remote workers can get an extra few minutes rest before working, can have more flexibility in dealing with childcare issues and avoid all the stress and hassle that commuting to and from work can create.

This results in happier and more content employees who are ready for the working day stress-free and end the day without worrying about the delayed 5 pm train leaving Waterloo.

2. It improves productivity

Remote working can actually boost productivity levels in a business.

The old way of thinking would have you believe that productivity is at its highest point when everyone works in the office. However, the truth is that the office can be full of unnecessary distractions, tea breaks, the dramas over a colleague’s sick cat and other issues can only eat into an employee’s workday.

An office can be an unproductive space…

The remote worker has the power to create a tailor-made environment that can focus their mind, minimise distraction and allow them to focus on the task at hand.

This results in an employee who has the time and ability to work to the highest capacity possible, without ‘Jane from Accounts’ asking how many sugars they take in their coffee, or luring them into office gossip.

3. It makes you smarter with costs

Cloud technology
Cloud technology can help your business go remote and reduce overheads.

With the introduction of cloud technology, it’s made communication easier for all, including remote workers.

Even when employees are away from the office, they can still feel part of the team thanks to innovations like instant messaging as well as audio and video conferencing.

With communication options like these, there’s no need to travel miles or stay overnight for a meeting when a friendly chat over a video conference allows all parties to communicate without the hassle of travel saving both time and money for your business.

4. It can make your business more agile

Remote workers with access to a unified communications system will be able to react to most situations that could often catch a business off guard.

Picking the best talent…

You may find that having remote workers located nationwide can help you get a broader perspective or a new insight into a product or service.

Not only that but hiring workers who aren?t situated within your location will also allow you to hire talent without the restriction of their living arrangements, meaning that you can hire the best people for the job.

How remote working can work for YOUR business

remote workers
Bring your business into the present and future with remote working.

The key to remote working is to have a unified communications system that brings all your employees together.

The perks in one paragraph:

By working smarter (using a system brings together cost-effective VoIP, instant messaging, e-mail, conferencing and advanced call technology), you can not only unify your employees but also create an environment that allows your customers to have an improved journey ?” from that first contact right through to after-sales support.

Don’t get left behind…

Remote working is a new way of working that many businesses are missing out on. Don?t be stuck in the old way of thinking, embrace remote working, empower your employees, improve productivity and cut costs whilst also being more agile.

Join our webinar on November 20th: 4 Real-World Ways of Collaborating Together. We’ll show you how unified communications can connect your teams together, improve your customer journey and the morale within your business via real scenarios that have made an impactful difference.


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