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Requirements To Become An Uber Driver In The Uk

Requirements to be an Uber Driver in the UK

Do you know that you can earn money flexibly while driving? Working as an Uber driver is the modern day taxi company that allows customers to book and manage their journeys via an app on their phone.

If you want to earn as you drive, you need to understand these requirements to become an uber driver in the UK.

Before becoming an Uber driver, you need to meet the following requirements.

  • You need to be at least 21 years old.
  • Hold a valid UK driver’s licence.
  • Have a private hire licence from a council Uber is licensed by.
  • Provide necessary documents such as a driver’s licence, private hire licence, bank statement, and profile photo.
  • Your vehicle must meet Uber’s standards. If you don’t own a car, Uber offers vehicle solutions.
  • Complete a virtual onboarding course.
  • Attend an activation appointment at your local Greenlight Hub.

The Basics Of Driving An Uber 

When you make sure that you meet all the criteria outlined above to become a driver and your documents are ready, you can proceed to the next step which is completing an onboarding virtual class. Then, you can book an activation appointment.

The papers that you should bring with you to the appointment are the Private Hire Licence (both paper copy and badge), in addition to your DVLA plastic driving licence. Your national insurance number and a bank statement of the last three months should also be ready with you on the day of the appointment.

Upon completing the activation process, you will be able to start driving with Uber.

Making Uber Driving Work As A Business 

If you wonder how Uber drivers get good ratings, you should first ensure a pleasant experience for passengers. Your car should be always clean and equipped with in-car extras. Your phone should always be updated. Using a phone mount will facilitate your job, so you can focus on the best route to take.

The benefits of working with Uber are endless. First, it offers a flexible schedule in different locations and provides access to support and benefits such as holiday pay, national living wage, and pension. Do not hesitate to sign up if you really need that flexible income, especially if you meet all the requirements.

Applying for a Private Hire Licence

Becoming an Uber driver requires obtaining a Private Hire Licence.

Here’s how you can get one:

Apply to your local Council: Although application processes may differ among councils, filling an application and providing basic information about yourself is common among all councils.

Gather Necessary Documents: The documents you should provide are your proof of identity, which could be your passport or driving licence, and a bank statement for the account that will receive Uber payments. You will also need a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate to show your criminal record.

Wait for approval: You will typically receive a response in a few weeks after application. If you are accepted, you will receive your Private Hire Licence that requires renewal after a certain period of time.

Maintain your licence: It is not enough to get a Private Hire Licence. If you want to keep your licence valid, you might need to attend regular training sessions. Preserving the good condition of your vehicle, and proving its safety and road readiness while also guaranteeing maintaining your licence.

Your Private Hire Licence is your gate to entering the world of Uber driving. It shows your dedication to offering safe and reliable services to passengers.

Vehicle Ownership

Becoming an Uber driver does not necessarily mean you should own a car but it is beneficial. For those who do not have a suitable vehicle, Uber can provide alternative solutions.

    • Uber’s Vehicle Solutions Scheme: This is a program that offers competitive rental rates, so that you can rent a car from an Uber-approved provider. The period of rental is flexible.
  • Uber-Approved Rental Partners: these Uber partners have cars that meet Uber’s standards. They offer long-term rentals with no long-term obligations.

If you own a vehicle, Uber requires it to:

  • Be manufactured in 2009 or later
  • Pass a vehicle inspection
  • Have four doors and up to eight seat

You should also have a proof of ownership and confirmation that the car meets Uber’s requirements.

Ensuring your car is in good condition will improve your chances of higher rating. The drivers with the highest ratings are rewarded by Uber, which also provides support ranging from vehicle solutions to safety measures. If you fulfil the prerequisites, you can proceed to the onboarding course to activate your account.

Completing Driver Training

The virtual driver training is the next step after gathering the necessary documents and meeting the requirements to become an Uber driver in the UK.

The course provides an overview of the features and services that the Uber app offers, and how to use them. The course also includes an introduction to Uber’s driver policies and safety protocols.

The information learned during the training allows you to know what is expected from you as an Uber driver. The training will also include ways to improve your driver rating and the services you provide for your passengers.

Starting as an Uber Driver

The final step to become an Uber driver is to make an appointment at your local Greenlight Hub so that your registration process will be complete. You should carry your driver’s licence, Private Hire Licence, National Insurance Number, and a recent bank statement with you. At the Greenlight Hub, you will be provided with an Uber driver kit, and you will be walked through the process step-by-step.

A vehicle inspection is a must to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive and meets the standards of Uber in the UK. The vehicle inspection is the last step to pass, so that you can start driving and making money as an Uber driver.

As mentioned earlier, the benefits and incentives that Uber offers you, such as holiday pay, national living wage and access to pension, are really valuable. Uber also provides you with solutions to drive even if your car is not eligible, or if you do not own a car. You can set your schedule and choose your location, so that you will drive in the time and place that suits you best.

If you are looking to earn a flexible income, Uber gives you the chance to make money on your own terms. As long as you satisfy the requirements, receive the right training, and show commitment, your work with Uber will be profitable.

Ensuring Passenger Safety and Comfort

Your basic job and priority as an Uber driver is to provide your passengers with a safe and comfortable ride. To achieve this, read the tips below.

  • Your vehicle should always be clean and tidy. Vacuuming and removing clutter will give your passengers a good impression about you and your car.
  • As for your driving, it should be smooth. Sudden stops, turns, or acceleration should be avoided in case any of your passengers are sensitive to motion.
  • Always check with passengers if they are comfortable with the heating so that you can adjust the temperature.
  • In-car extras and amenities can enhance the ride experience. The passengers will appreciate providing them with chargers, water bottles, or even WIFI.
  • Stick to traffic laws and follow speed limits to ensure that your passengers are safe.
  • Assist your passengers with luggage. Passengers might need help loading and unloading bags at pickup and drop off.
  • Choose the best route and check real-time traffic data to optimise the trip.
  • Remain alert so that the riders can reach their destination safely. For a safe drive, you need to avoid distractions, stay focused, and spot potential hazards.
  • Notify Uber about any issues that arise immediately. Vehicle problems, accidents or inappropriate passenger behaviour should be instantly reported to Uber.

Promoting Your Driving Services

You are an independent driver at Uber which means you are the operator of your small business. As you drive for Uber, it is worth working on promoting your services to attract more passengers and increase earnings.

  •  Strive for a high rating. The 5-star trips are the key to getting more trip requests.
  • Offer promotions. Referral codes or discounts can encourage your riders to repeat the trip.
  • Use business cards to spread the word about your services.
  • Let passengers easily identify your car through signals like decals, magnets, or illuminated signs.
  • Provide your passengers with perfect rides so that they become regular passengers.
  •  Partner with businesses. You can offer companies and employees discounted rides to the airport or for a night out.
  •  Position yourself near events like concerts and sporting venues. These are the places where rides will be in high demand.
  • Drive during peak times. Busy airport runs, commutes, as well as weekend rides, increase your fares.

Smart marketing to build a loyal base ride is crucial for making your driving business lucrative.

Adhering to Uber’s Policies and Standards

It is important to adhere to Uber’s various policies and standards. Uber enforces these rules to ensure high-quality services for passengers. Drivers who fail to adhere to the rules might get their accounts deactivated. Be sure to.

  • Accept all trips. Do not pick rides that are short-distanced or preferred by you.
  • Be professional and steer away from inappropriate behaviour. Avoid discriminatory actions or comments.
  • Follow Uber Cancellation policy. Cancelling rides unnecessarily will result in penalties.
  • Accept as many rides as you can. Rejecting too many rides lowers your ratings.
  • Do not ask for cash payments. Booking rides and payments are made only through the Uber app.
  • Report issues promptly. Notify Uber of any rider’s inappropriate behaviours, accidents, and traffic violations.
  • Maintain your vehicle condition. Make sure it is clean inside and outside, and complies with Uber requirements.
  • Stay sober. Never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Keep firearms away. Uber has strict safety policies that prohibit any form of arms or weapons on rides.
  • Follow safety protocols. Complete safety training and comply with Uber’s safety requirements such as wearing masks.

Following Uber’s standards is beneficial for you as it shows your dedication and professionalism in running your small business. It also ensures providing reliable services to riders.

Handling Challenging Situations

Driving is a challenging task. It involves facing out-of-control situations. While driving for Uber, you can resolve issues that arise smoothly and safely by staying calm and following protocol.

  • Accidents. In case of accidents, make sure to stop immediately, call emergency services if needed, notify Uber, exchange insurance information, take photos, and file a report.
  • Unruly passengers: Ask passengers who cause hassle to stay calm or leave the car. Documenting the incident to Uber is required, so contact Uber support to let them know about the incident.
  • Unsafe drop-off points. Drop your passengers in safe locations. Do not let them out in unsafe places like highways.
  • Severe Weather- do not drive your car during strong storms. If conditions worsen, stop the drive.
  • Getting lost- use your GPS to reorient yourself and get the riders to their destinations. You can also ask the rider for input about the direction.
  • Vehicle Breakdown- Pull over and notify Uber. if possible, provide alternative transportation for passengers.
  • Late pickups: Contact your passengers to inform them of any delays. Tell them the expected arrival time, and apologise for inconvenience.

Overcoming challenging situations while working as an Uber driver requires staying calm and composed. You should be proactive and take preventative measures while putting safety first.

Frequently Asked Questions About Uber Driving 

What documents do I need to upload after signing up?

As mentioned earlier, starting your first journey as an Uber driver requires uploading documents like your driver’s licence, a private hire licence, a bank statement, a driver profile photo, and proof of ownership for the vehicle, as well as proof of fulfilling the requirements for the vehicle you will be using.

You should upload all your documents in order, and then complete a virtual training course, before you start your lucrative drives with Uber.

Can I work as an Uber driver part-time?

Uber provides you with the option of working as a part-time driver. Your working hours and location are flexible, so you drive whenever and wherever you want. The app allows you to set your availability. When you are available to drive, switch it on. If you need a break, just turn your availability off.

Surge and Quest are examples of Uber’s incentives that can help you maximise your earnings. If you want a flexible job with a good income, consider driving with Uber.

Are there any special insurance requirements for Uber drivers?

Uber drivers need special insurance requirements. The type of insurance required is private hire taxi insurance. It is different from standard car insurance as it covers you while transporting passengers.

Make sure you have the private insurance proof with you as you apply for driving with Uber. Read the details carefully to know what type of coverage you need.

Is car ownership required to become an Uber driver?

Owning a car is not a prerequisite to become an Uber driver. If you have no eligible car, you can refer to Uber solutions to enjoy the flexible and profitable work without even owning a car. However, you still need to take the other steps to complete the process.

What safety measures are in place for Uber drivers?

Uber takes its drivers’ safety seriously, so a set of measures are taken to ensure that drivers work in a safe environment. In case of an emergency, there is an emergency button in the app. In addition, all trips are tracked to ensure drivers reach their destinations and homes safely.

Driver protection Insurance is also provided by Uber. In case of an accident, both drivers and passengers are covered. Safety measures also include a 24/7 support service, in-app feedback, and driver screening process. An online community of drivers is also available for you to access and get the support and advice you need.

With these safety measures, you can safely and confidently drive with Uber.


In conclusion, driving with Uber in the UK requires meeting several criteria:

Being at least 21 years old, owning a driver’s licence and a private hire licence valid in the UK, and obtained from your city council are prerequisites to join the Uber team of drivers. Having an eligible car, whether owned or rented, is also a must. The car used for driving with Uber should have four doors, and not more than 8 seats. It should also be in a good condition. To pass the vehicle inspection, it should be manufactured in 2009 or newer.

The conditions to succeed as an Uber driver are having a clean vehicle and providing passengers with good service. This will bring higher ratings, opening the way for more benefits provided by Uber. As you complete your registration and start working, You can guarantee that your small driving business is on the right track ,and that you are contributing positively to the community you belong to.



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