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Resolving common client challenges

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We thought itd be interesting to put the quiz to the test, so we created a common client challenge and looked at how insights from the quiz could help smooth the process.

Our fictional problem

I really like it, but I need to send it to my manager for them to have a look.

A dreaded phrase. Approval by committee is a common problem. The piece of work is ready to go but more people at the client end want to get involved as layers of approval and sign-off are revealed.

With no end in sight, such projects can become draining and even stressful. As more parties become involved, each chipping in with their own ideas, you start to wonder whether the work will get signed off at all.


Using the quiz, we worked out that the personality that suited the client in this scenario the best was the thinker .

Key traits:

  • While thinkers can be brilliant, they can often can be slow to make decision, given their natural tendency to err on the side of caution; and
  • Tend to do much of their communication via email instead of engaging in face-to-face conversation;

This personality is usually introverted and reserved, with an analytical, objective and logical approach to things. 

So, how to get past these barriers and get your work approved

The quiz features some tips for working with clients more effectively. We thought the following strategies would come in handy for getting full and final approval on projects:

  • Set out an approval timeline detail when you will deliver the work and when you expect approval by;
  • Be clear from the outset who is the main client contact establishing a primary contact means it is less likely for others to get involved; and
  • Dont be scared to chase for feedback.

In business, there are lots of personalities. Working with different character traits is part and parcel of working life. When problems occur, it can help to think of new approaches to see positive end results. Why not take the quiz and see how it could help you

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