Restaurant owners and migrant workers suffer in curry house crisis

Rather like a night after a vindaloo, this story will run and run. There’s a crisis facing our curry houses.

The Immigration Advisory Service (IAS) says there is a shortage of Bangladeshi workers for the UK’s curry houses. Apparently there are 27,500 vacancies in Bangladeshi restaurants. Here’s the statement.

New restrictions placed on low-skilled workers from outside the EU are being blamed by the IAS. The UK now admits more eastern Europeans but at the expense of Bangladeshis, who are the main workers in Britain’s curry empire.

This sounds like one for employment relations minister Pat McFadden. In his recent interview with the CBI magazine Business Voice he said:

Migrant workers have been beneficial to the UK economy. We’ve been clear that the employment rates we have to apply to both UK workers and to people who are here working legally from other states…the critical thing is…that we equip our own workers to compete in a labour market where there’s free movement of people.Simple, really, Pat. Find every single unemployed Bangladeshi in Britain and train them to be chefs and waiters.


To compound the problems facing the restaurant owners, the price of rice is increasing by 60 per cent, notes the Telegraph. it quotes Rice Association director Alex Waugh:

"If you are a restaurant owner and you are buying a lot of rice you either reduce your margins or you put your prices up.

"A cost increase of that magnitude is going to feed through and this will probably see the price of a curry increase."I’ll just have a poppadom, then.

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