The show is not just an opportunity to secure investment; firms that deliver a decent pitch walk away with thousands of pounds-worth of exposure even if they receive zero offers. It explains the impressive number of entrepreneurs doing rather well after appearing on the show.

Even Le Beanock is somehow still around.

Last series saw a diverse range of businesses receive offers: Rupert Sweet-Escott went into business with James Caan, who was impressed with his unique range of aviation designs and prototypes; while Carol Savage chose to accept Deborah Meaden’s offer for her new food networking website.

According to the official press release, the Dragons are looking for inventors and entrepreneurs who can demonstrate the following:

* Scalability – something that has potential to get much bigger * Route to market – an obvious way of making money from the product * Mutually benefitcial – both parties get something out of it * Exit strategy – a plan for how the Dragons can cash in on the investment * A unique selling point – something they haven’t seen before

If you have a fabulous idea or an existing business that has potential and fancy a crack at the Dragons, email or visit

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