Revealed: The average UK salaries at Google, Amazon, Barclays and more

The best salary for a junior (with zero to five years experience) can be found at Barclays, which pays an average of ?55,000 to staff in that bracket. Moving further down the list, staff starting out at Schroders can expect renumeration of ?43,000 while at Google you could except to pull in ?40,000.

Salary benchmarking website has compiled the figures and claims to have sampled over 45,000 individuals to provide a salary benchmarking report. The service says its service provides information on whether EY pays senior professionals more than Accenture, whether Google values an MBA or if L?Oreal ?really is worth it?.

Thomas Drewry, CEO of, said: “Until now, choosing whether to apply for a job has always been based on very short-term information like advertised salary and job description, but these are big life decisions and people need to understand the long term implications for their career.

?By offering a greater degree of transparency, this information empowers people to make more informed decisions on whether a move to a competitor or even a similar role in a completely different industry might give their career the boost it needs.”

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Interesting comparisons to be drawn from the research included the fact that workers at Barclays entering the “late career” stage can expect to take a pay cut from what they may have been on when classified as “experienced”. However, that does not take away from the fact that, having reached a stage where they have over 15 years experience, they would still be the best paid of the ten businesses.

EDF and the NHS has the shallowest salary growth curves, staring out at ?36,000 and ?31,000 accordingly and then topping out at ?71,000 and ?75,000.

See below for the full breakdown of the top ten (junior = 0-5 yrs, mid career = 5-10 yrs, experienced = 10-15 yrs, late career = 15+ yrs).

  • L’Oreal ? Junior: ?35,000 Mid-career: ?48,000 Experienced: ?79,000                    Late career: ?95,000
  • Google ? Junior: ?40,000 Mid-career: ?66,000 Experienced: ?75,000                    Late career: ?95,000
  • Amazon ? Junior: ?35,000 Mid-career: ?65,000 Experienced: ?73,000                  Late career: ?97,000
  • EDF ? Junior: ?36,000 Mid-career: ?55,000 Experienced: ?62,000                          Late career: ?71,000
  • Accenture ? Junior: ?32,000 Mid-career: ?51,000 Experienced: ?70,000                Late career: ?109,000
  • EY ? Junior: ?37,000 Mid-career: ?54,000 Experienced: ?80,000                            Late career: ?115,000
  • NHS ? Junior: ?31,000 Mid-career: ?48,000 Experienced: ?47,000                          Late career: ?75,000
  • Schroders ? Junior: ?43,000 Mid-career: ?76,000 Experienced: ?88,000                Late career: ?110,000
  • Barclays ? Junior: ?55,000 Mid-career: ?90,000 Experienced: ?130,500                Late career: ?126,000

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