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Revealed: The four key ingredients you need to deliver the perfect speech


We all remember a great presentation and in this article we  give you the 4 key ingredients to deliver a perfect speech. Like all challenging things, speeches may look easy but great orators still practice and prepare and we core that down to the basic principles.

Mastering the art of delivering a perfect speech is a powerful tool that can help you create a strong impact on your audience. Whether you are a seasoned public speaker or a novice, focusing on these four key ingredients will pave the way for an unforgettable speech.

Ingredient 1: A Compelling Story

An outstanding speech invariably tells a story that resonates with the audience. A compelling story doesn’t mean you have to narrate a fairy tale. It could be a series of connected facts, experiences or insights that form a coherent narrative. Utilise storytelling techniques such as suspense, relatable characters, and captivating language to make your speech unforgettable. By connecting with the audience on an emotional level, you enable them to fully engage with your message.

Ingredient 2: A Clear and Concise Message Clarity is the essence of an effective speech.

Your message should be crystal clear and focused. Avoid overwhelming the audience with too much information. Instead, pinpoint the core message you want to convey and build your speech around it. Ensure that every element of your speech, from anecdotes to data, supports this core message. This focus helps in delivering a memorable and influential speech. The best way to keep your speech clear and organised is to “Tell them what you are going to tell them, Tell them it, then tell them what you’ve told them”. This introduces the presentation, allows you to deliver it and then summarises it and makes drawing it to an end easier.

The biggest mistakes colleagues have made in a presentation are:

Not being prepared enough: 42 per cent
Speaking for too long: 42 per cent
Speaking too quickly: 41 per cent
Not speaking clearly enough: 40 per cent
Relying too much on a slideshow: 31 per cent
Not having a clear point: 30 per cent
Not being enthusiastic enough: 29 per cent
Not acknowledging the audience: 22 per cent

Ingredient 3: Effective Body Language Non-verbal communication plays a crucial role in public speaking.

Your body language, facial expressions, and gestures communicate as much as your words. Maintain eye contact to connect with your audience, use open gestures to convey confidence, and modulate your voice to emphasise key points. Be mindful of your posture and avoid distracting movements. Incorporate pauses to let your points sink in, and practice varying your tone to keep the audience engaged.

Ingredient 4: Practice and Adaptation Like any skill, the art of delivering a perfect speech improves with practice.

Rehearse your speech multiple times to familiarise yourself with the flow and content. Additionally, be prepared to adapt. Every audience is different, and being able to read the room and adjust your speech accordingly is vital. Pay attention to the audience’s reactions, and don’t be afraid to go off-script if it helps to better connect with them.


Combining a compelling story, a clear and concise message, effective body language, and the willingness to practice and adapt are the four key ingredients for delivering a perfect speech. By focusing on these elements, you can captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression. The art of public speaking is continually evolving, so keep honing these skills and remain open to learning and adapting as you go.

A strong core argument, memorable phrases confident delivery, and a sense of personality have been revealed as the secret ingredients to a perfect speech.




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