Revealed: The top ten employee ambitions for 2018

As January is the month to get New Year’s resolutions in place, CV-Library has conducted research to find out the UK employee ambitions that have been outlined for 2018.

According to 45.6 per cent of professionals across the country, they have already got started on their 2018 targets. Looking further at the aspirations of workers, 77.2 per cent have made career-based resolutions.

With that in mind, these are the top ten employee ambitions outlined for 2018:

(1)   Look for a new job – 69 per cent

(2)   Exercise before or after work – 31.4 per cent

(3)   Change career paths – 24.3 per cent

(4)   Take a packed lunch every day to save money – 18 per cent

(5)   Get promoted by the end of the year – 14.5 per cent

(6)   Leave work on time – 14 per cent

(7)   Make a career out of their hobby – 13.6 per cent

(8)   Go back to education – 11.3 per cent

(9)   Take a lunch break everyday – 8.5 per cent

(10) Be more social with their colleagues outside of work – 6.2 per cent

Seemingly, the employee ambitions aren’t just words either, with a massive 91.5 per cent declaring they’re confident they will make the goals a reality.

Lee Biggins, founder and MD of CV-Library, said: “It’s positive to see that so many of the nation’s professionals are setting themselves up for a great start to 2018. With many looking for a new start in January it’s unsurprising to see that looking for a new job tops the list of New Year’s resolutions.

“It’s also encouraging to see that such a high percentage of workers are confident they will be able to achieve their aims this year.”

Businesses should find that these employee ambitions can only be a good thing, as 82.8 per cent of respondents said that career-based resolutions will boost their motivation at work.

It should also result in better internal working relations – of the 28.7 per cent to share goals with colleagues, 82.7 per cent said their peers are getting behind them.

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