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Fraud detection

Fraudsters are known to buy thousands of local SIM cards and insert them into a device known as a GSM gateway, which is then connected to the internet to be sold as international phone minutes. The fraud costs networks serious cash. Revector’s products, however, will enable mobile network operators to easily detect and eliminate fraud on their networks. Plus, by operating as a cloud-based business, Revector is able to operate anywhere in the world.

To protect their clients from a loss of revenue, Revector launched VocalPony. It’s newest features include:

  1. Locate and eliminate, which enables mobile operators and law enforcement agencies to locate where mobile fraud is taking place; and

  2. Revenue assurance, enabling mobile operators to ensure correct billing, measure call times and monitor mobile network performance.

During the last five years, Revector has successfully deployed its services in over 80 countries worldwide, helping to recover millions in lost revenues and eradicating fraud both in country and on mobile phone networks. The market size? Mobile operators are losing $58bn annually to fraud and mis-billing, according to Juniper Research. Revector helps operators reduce this significantly ? potentially to zero. Now that’s one seriously big niche.

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