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Rich Martell

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Name: Rich Martell

Age: 22

Company: Floxx Media Group

First job: Equity trader

Dream job: Pretty happy with what I’m doing now (a cliché, but still true).

Car: Not in London – it’s all about cycling to work!

Economy, business or first class: Business. Nowhere near as expensive as first class but plenty more leg room – can’t go wrong.

Most extravagant purchase: An Omega watch, which I was drawn to like a magpie to a shiny coin.

Most-played song on your iPod: Florence & The Machine’s Dog Days Are Over.

Best business book: Ronald Cohen’s The Second Bounce of the Ball

Worst business moment: Having the original Floxx app rejected by Apple…several times!

Proudest business moment: Raising our first round of investment.

Your business mentor: Dave Morin of

Next big thingElectric cars!

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