Richard Branson’s top three business tips

Following a Virgin Media Pioneers competition, six lucky young entrepreneurs were fortunate to meet Richard Branson at his country home in Oxfordshire.

Jamal Edwards, Sebastien Thiel, Jessica Anuna, Matt Lovett, Lesley Macintosh and Shadrach Straker asked Richard Branson about how he felt setting up his own business, how to make yourself into a brand, and how to think as an entrepreneur.

What were Richard Branson’s top three business tips for setting up a successful business??

He says:?”If you’re going to set up a business, make sure you’re going to make a different to other people’s lives and create something that will really shake up an industry.

“Secondly, surround yourself with great people, be good at motivating people, look for the best in people, and praise them ? don’t just criticise people.

“Finally, make sure you can market your business. Get out and make sure you get on the front page of the newspaper ? make a fool of yourself or just do anything it takes to get your business on the map.”

Watch the rest of Richard Branson’s interview with the Pioneers below.

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