Name: Rick Hudson

Age: 54

Company: Berkshire-based IT company Star

Turnover: ?48m

First job: Retail banking  ? I was an auditor with Lloyds TSB.

Dream job: Travel photographer

Car: Jaguar XK convertible

Economy business or first class: Economy. I tend to use web conferencing rather than extensive business travel.

Most extravagant purchase: The latest top-of-the-line digital SLR camera.

Most played song on iPod: Anything by the Kings of Leon.

Best business book: The Ten Commandments That Build Healthy Successful and Long Lasting Organizations by Russell John Connor.

Worst business moment: Totally underestimating the power of the internet in the early nineties.

Proudest business moment: Completing the turnaround of Telecity in 2006 and winning clients such as Sony Online Gaming, Karolinska Institute and World of Warcraft.

Business mentor: Warren Buffet. He follows the fundamentals not the fads.

Next big thing: I reckon that new, radical approaches to IT delivery will prove to be just as revolutionary as the impact of the PC, the mobile phone and the internet.

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