Ring, ring, why don’t you give me a call?

According to NewVoiceMedia, 72 per cent of company bosses are failing to implement basic quality control measures to govern how their staff handle telephone calls.

The research, carried out by YouGov, found that SMEs don’t have policies dictating how incoming calls are handled, and that 74 per cent of bosses have never made a “mystery shop” call to their own offices to understand how inbound calls are dealt with first-hand.

“I’m amazed that such a huge majority of senior people don’t regularly review the way in which calls are answered and handled in their organisations,” says Jonathan Grant, CEO of NewVoiceMedia.

“The phone remains the preferred means of contacting businesses. Callers are frustrated because they can’t get through to the right person, their details aren’t passed on from one person to the next, or they are left on hold indefinitely.”

Of the 27 per cent who said they did have call handling policies in place, many said this was a quantitative measure – for example, ensuring staff answer calls within three or four rings.

“This type of measurement doesn’t really get to the heart of the problem,” adds Grant. “What’s the point in answering the phone quickly if you can’t respond to the caller’s query effectively? They will still end up with a negative feeling about the company.
“We’re calling for change: we want company bosses nationwide to do a mystery shop to see if they are completely satisfied with the way in which calls are dealt with inside their organisation. Only if we lead from the top will we radically improve the telephone experience for customers.”

This gets our thumbs up – why don’t you pick up the phone this morning and give reception a call? See whether you’re happy with how your call is dealt with.

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