Road tax, pets and sex education

The subjects covered ranged from the new road tax and whether people should have their pets sleeping on beds to the current sex education series being shown (which is clearly is not going down well with the British public). Everyone around me was being incredibly straight-laced in both their views and their accounts of their own behaviour when young, and I was torn between completely misrepresenting myself or sounding like the irresponsible slapper of all time who had brought up their children with Loose Morals!    
We had zero callers on the road-tax issue but the phones were swamped by the British public confirming their adoration of their pets (and sleeping partners). 
Emerged to blistering heat and was so busy reflecting on the eccentric English that I took the wrong turning out of Chelmsford and ended up somewhere near the Dartford tunnel. Luckily I didn’t have my passport on me, as I was sorely tempted to keep going to France. As it was, the journey around the M25 was
extremely slow, combined with an M11 awash with fire engines. The radio interview and journey back subsequently took up the entire day, which means using the weekend to catch up on large chunks of work.

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