Roasted by Dragons but BBQ King is red-hot

Wray may not have impressed the Dragons on Monday night but he’s selling his brand of rotating skewer BBQs internationally, including to the most BBQ-mad countries in the world.

The idea for BarbeSkew came about two years ago when he went to a friend’s house where they were using a small Greek-Cypriot BBQ with rotating skewers. “I tasted some of the food and it was phenomenal,” Wray says. “I asked where I could get my hands on one and they said they were as rare as gold dust.”

Wray spotted a niche in the market so quit his job and came up with a design. “I had tried to get some from Cyprus but they nearly had a heart attack when I asked for 2,000 of them! They told me they were made by old men in the hills,” he recalls.

Instead, Wray found a manufacturer in China with the help of a friend who had experience sourcing goods in the country. Today, BarbeSkew has sold £250,000 worth of stock. “We’re actually going to make a smaller BBQ,” Wray says. “It’ll come out next year. Buying goods from China to UK

“The Dragons suggested it. They thought a half price one would virtually dominate the BBQ market so I took their advice!”

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