Name: Rob Amar

Age: 35

Company:?Food importer RH Amar

Turnover: £50m

First job: Working in the RH Amar warehouse during school holidays. I think I earned about £2 (a pint) an hour. My first ?proper” job was as a research associate for Forrester Research, writing strategy reports for online financial services. It taught me a lot about business.

Dream job: Centre midfield for Arsenal. Otherwise I?m very happy where I am now.

Car: BMW 520d. Alas, most of my dream cars weren?t built for people 6?7″ tall.

Economy, business or first class: Perversely, it’s economy for business travel and business for leisure travel until my wife’s BA miles run out!

Most extravagant purchase: That’s a tough one, as I hate shopping and don’t like spending money. My Arsenal season ticket is becoming a painful annual purchase.

Most-played song on your iPod: I haven?t used my iPod for ages. It’s Radio 5 Live for me.

Best business book: I’ve been reading a series called The Truth About… which gives lots of short insights into various aspects of business. Something that’s easy to dip into from time to time to get ideas.

Worst business moment: I dropped a big clanger by inadvertently sending an email to a buyer rather than a colleague, and he misinterpreted the content. It took a lot of explaining and grovelling, but he eventually forgave me (I think).

Proudest business moment: Many to choose from. It makes me very proud that global brands such as Starbucks choose RH Amar as their UK partner that says a lot about how we re regarded in the industry.

Your business mentor: My father

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