Robbin? wood to give to the poor

When household names like Barclays, EDF Energy and BT want rid of their old furniture, they give Green Works a call. The Wembley-based company takes it all away for free and sells it on to other companies.

Despite being second hand, the furniture is usually in pretty good nick, especially when there’s simply been an office relocation. It’s a great resource for start-ups, or companies with a small furnishing budget. Some of the desks and storage units are practically new, for as little as £15.

But this is a social enterprise with a very distinct purpose: to reduce landfill waste. “‘Since 2000 we have diverted more than 60,000 tonnes of redundant office furniture away from landfill,” says CEO, Colin Crooks.

Over 50,000 organisations have benefited from cheap office paraphernalia. Crooks reckons that his firm has saved these businesses some £2.5m in fitting costs.

Some items, like sets of desks or cupboards, are recycled directly. Mismatched furniture is sent to the Green Works joinery for re-fashioning. The defunct pieces are stripped down and made into storage pods or bespoke ranges.

This is a really nifty recycling model. Unlike many “green” initiatives, it’s not only painless, but downright useful for all involved.

If you need to get rid of some cupboards, or fancy picking up a bargain, check out the catalogue at

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