Rule 3: Become a marketer

Botty Rule Number 3: Become a “marketer”, not a doer

The majority of business owners are very much “doers” within their profession. 

My friend Julia is a florist. Julie loves creating beautiful things with flowers ? it?s what she gets her pleasure and fulfilment from ? but she knows that in making the conscious decision to be a “doer” of floristry, she is inhibiting the growth of her business. 

In contrast, my friend David Costa is also a florist. The difference is that David sees himself as a marketer of floristry services. What he is focused on is finding new customers and looking after the ones he?s got. That?s why he?s one of Interflora?s top three florists in the UK ? he sees himself as a marketer of floristry services: he spends his time marketing his business and thinking about how he can better market his business.

If you want to build a super-successful business, then you have to get focused for large chunks of your time on the marketing ? and that starts with how you see your role. 

When you arrive at the office in the morning, think about dedicating the first 90 minutes of your day to marketing your business (rather than checking emails, voicemails, making calls etc). It will make a huge difference to your company.

To become a marketer, you have to change your way of thinking. If you have a good product, once you are focused on the marketing, you will keep growing your business and keep growing your profits. 

Are you a marketer or a doer? It matters.

Nigel Botterill’s book, Botty?s Rules, is released by Vermilion on August 4.

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