Runaway staff

New starter in sales administration lasted until lunch time on day one, never to be heard from since.

Meanwhile the hunt for a good, keen trainee sprayer continues. Am hugely excited by a rare lady applicant who writes a really enthused application, offers to come in immediately for an interview, confirms address efficiently and, low and behold, fails to turn up at all. Am left, as always, with jaw on ground in amazement. Just do not understand these people.

Son still coaching in sales office for the week, which is great. With his instant agreement, we suggest immediate departure of the incumbent (who was leaving anyway and was bringing a huge amount of negativity to he new team) – immediately, the atmosphere starts to lift. But we still have a long way to go, and my son only has a few days left here.

In light of this, I make two instant decisions. First, that I will work at home and do some proper MD work this week, as will clearly have to neglect those duties again in coming weeks. Secondly, that my wonderful Jack of All Trades member of staff will stand in for the missing admin person until the dust settles.

On the shop floor, the head of finishing takes the sprayers aside and points out, again, that they are all on last warnings for productivity and quality – and that they will be fired should it continue. The actually surpass their team target for the day.

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