Rupert Lee-Browne

Name: Rupert Lee-Browne

Age: 44

Company: Caxton FX

Turnover: ?400m

First job: First ever job was a paper round for my local newsagent ? I worked out that if I did mine at 5am I could then take on another one, as well as have time to get back to bed for a quick kip. My plans for global domination of the newspaper industry came to an abrupt halt when one of my teachers (to whom I delivered) reported me to social services.

Dream job: Ski instructor

Car: G-Wiz for town, Audi for longer journeys. Old Land Rover for mucky stuff.

Economy, business or first-class: Economy for any trip less than six hours: I find it very hard to work on a flight so its a needless expense. Long haul needs to be business in order to sleep properly. 

Most extravagant purchase: I once bought a Bentley Turbo for my (then) fiancee in a rash moment ? our honeymoon was spent touring round Spain in it. The car was then sold to one of the Top Gear presenters.

Most played song on your iPod: I checked on this, but I suspect small children have been at play: High School Musical.

Best business book: Ogilvy on Advertising. All you ever need to know about marketing and advertising, and a few gems on management too.

Worst business moment. My first job after university was as a media buyer. I was tasked with buying a major TV campaign on Irish television for a client. I got completely stitched up by the sales woman who took advantage of my naivety and delivered a fraction of the airtime value. My harsh lesson was to make sure I understood the exact value in any deal before pressing ahead.

Proudest business moment: At a sizeable dinner party recently, where I knew only the host, every person around the table had a Caxton FX travel card. Brought a big grin to my face.

Business mentor: Can’t say I have one.

Next big thing: I’m still working on this big thing. 

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