Ryanair glides into private jet space to cater to corporate high fliers

The move from the Irish airline has come at the right time, as a study in February revealed that there is increasing demand across Europe for private jets.

Ryanair will provide the service on a Boeing 737-700 jet, which comes equipped with 60 reclining, leather-clad, business class seats that are fitted in a 2×2 formation.

Interestingly, on-demand jet service Victor revealed a 336 per cent increase in requests to ski resorts, which offers insight into the travel appetites of the business class. To that end, Ryanair will support flights of up to six hours away, feeding passengers with ?fine dining?.

The airline will look beyond its regular travellers that are flying on a budget as it claims the jet will be ?ideal for private corporate, sports team or group travel?.

Read more about living the Business Class lifestyle:

Robin Kiely, head of communications, Ryanair, said: ?More than 25 million business travellers fly with Ryanair every year, choosing our low fares, unbeatable on-time performance, and Europe?s largest route network, along with the benefits of our Business Plus service.

?Now, business and group travellers can also enjoy the benefits of Ryanair?s corporate jet service, as we offer a customised Ryanair Boeing 737-700 for private charter.?

The launch comes after Ryanair revealed Q3 profits grew by 110 per cent to ?103m. Its existing pilots and cabin crew will man the private flights.

Offering insight into the business travel sector, Victor?s founder Clive Jackson said: “With private charter flights continuing to increase across Europe, particularly over the summer months, it is clear that more travellers ? both in and outside of the traditional high and ultra-high net worth jet-setter demographic ? are saving time and maximising value by tailoring the private jet experience that totally suits their needs.?

To appease the business class, Ryanair will need to avoid any more HR-cum-PR disasters like the one it suffered last year when a sticky-fingered steward stole a passenger?s missing camera to list for sale on eBay.

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