Ryanair steward fired after stealing passenger’s camera and listing it on eBay

23-year-old teacher Aaron Galloway travelled to Prague on a half-term holiday with the budget and often controversial airline, but after landing and heading for passport control he soon realised he had left his camera on-board the plane, The Mirror reports.

Just minutes had passed before the realisation hit, but when Galloway requested ground control call the cabin, flight attendants said his prized possession wasn’t anywhere to be found.

However, upon arrival home, the keen photographer took to eBay to buy a replacement only to discover his missing Nikon listed for auction on the online marketplace. It had been listed on the same day he lost his and was located in Stansted.

Galloway confronted the seller, Ryanair steward Fernando Miguel Andrade Viseu, with a message and a confession was swiftly made. 

“When I saw it on eBay I couldn’t believe it. I was angry with Ryanair to be honest. How can they not notice someone just taking things off the seats ,” Galloway said.

He had deleted everything from the camera photos of Christmas, of a family member who had passed away and my graduation all wiped. I’d been looking forward to taking lots of photos on my holiday and that was just ruined.”

The crooked cabin crew colleague admitted his wrongdoing to Galloway and apologised, while begging the police be left out an exchange that had been arranged at Stansted Airport.

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Seemingly Viseu had made a habit of finding and selling other people’s belongings some 118 items had been sold in earlier months, including Ray Ban sunglasses and headphones.

Police charged Viseu with theft of the camera after raiding his house, and he also pleaded guilty to stealing a Kindle.

The Ryanair robber has since been fired, while Chelmsford court enforced a community order of 100 hours of unpaid work.

He was also charged 145 in costs and ordered to complete a six-month drug rehabilitation programme, which offers an insight as to why he may have been stealing in the first place.

Ryanair said: “While we don’t comment on legal matters, we can confirm that this individual no longer works for Ryanair.”

It’s unclear whether the Ryanair has offered Galloway any form of apology or compensation, but if it hasn’t, Jet2.com should be used as an example of how to do customer service the right way.

The Bradford-based leisure airline had personalised gifts waiting for 180 passengers when they arrived in the UK after a holiday, which was done as part of International Random Acts of Kindness Week in February.

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