Sales whizz saves print firm

The start-up was extremely successful at first. From a standing start, the Print and Display achieved 100 per cent growth in its first year, pulling in a £800,000 turnover and producing print materials for the likes of Britvic. Iceland and Lloyds Pharmacy. But, in year three, Print and Dislay suffered its first major setback: it lost a major client and with it £300,000 in potential business.

Eight months in, the firm was losing £8,000 per month, Manson was forced to lay off staff and prepared to close the business for good. However, all was not lost.

Manson discovered Marcus Cauchi through business network, Ecademy. Cauchi had mentored thousands of business owners and promised to deliver concrete results. “The training was highly priced, however,” says Manson. “And I was worried about adding a further overhead to an already stretched balance sheet.”

Nevertheless, at 4:30am on the 6th January, 2006, he drummed up a few thousand pounds and set off to his first “President’s Club” meeting with Cauchi. He committed to using the sales guru’s techniques for the next few months and the results spoke for themselves.

From a £300,000 turnover in 2005, revenues increased to £970,000 after one year using Cauchi’s Sandler sales principles. Today, that figure stands at £1.7m. Manson generated six major client wins and increased his repeat business to 70 per cent.

Sounds too good to be true? Check out Cauchi’s sure-fire sales techniques and see if they will work for you.Close at the start of every interaction Make sure that both you and your prospect always know at the beginning what will happen at the end. This gives both sides the freedom to walk away without pressure. Uncover the causes of your prospect’s problems Always sell based on what your clients really need, and not on the benefits of your services. Be a problem-solver: one size never really fits all.

Be a good listenerIt sounds obvious, but many salespeople spend 90 per cent of their pitch talking at their prospect. Instead, encourage prospects through powerful questioning and listening skills. That way, your prospects will end up selling to themselves.

Get referrals Make your clients do most of the selling for you. This leads to shortened sales cycles and makes cold calling redundant. Consider offering discounts to customers who recommend you to other firms, as well as special rates for recommended clients.Understand and assert your rights as a sellerYou are your prospect’s equal. Overcome any emotional blocks around money, selling and closing: if you are doing your job properly, then you are doing your client a favour. Not the other way round.

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