Name: Sarah Anglim

Age: 44

Company: Meteor Parking

Turnover: ?5m

First job: I set up Meteor Meet and Greet (originally called PAS Direct) 27 years ago when I was a student studying to be a barrister. Believe it or not, this was my first job and also the only thing I?ve ever really wanted to do.

Dream job: I would go back to university and study medicine.

Car: Audi A4 avant S line Quattro.

Economy, business or first class: Business class.

Most extravagant purchase: Second home in Salcombe.

Most-played song on your iPod: Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”.

Best business book: My notebook where I can keep track of all my ideas. I don?t leave home without it.

Worst business moment: We all have ups and downs in our careers, but I?m always keen to focus on the positives rather than dwelling on the hard times.

Proudest business moment: I set up my business when I was still a teenager, so I?m really proud of how it?s grown and developed since then. There are a few moments that particularly stand out for me, including selling my company PAS Direct to Meteor Parking in 2006. I?m also proud to have qualified at the Bar when I was 23, and having the opportunity to apply my legal skills to negotiate the best possible position for my business.

Your business mentor: There?s no one person I could label as my mentor ? all the people I work with mentor me. I don?t think we ever stop learning from the people we work with.

Next big thing: To develop a key management and tracking system to ensure keys are monitored at all times. Did you know the average set of car keys is over ?150?

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