Saving Britain’s Future

Called Saving Britain’s Future, this will be our vision of the sectors, government policies, leadership styles, types of funding and ways of working that will rescue the country’s economy and help entrepreneurs thrive.

And we want you to join the debate! Which individuals and industries will lead the new Britain? What role (if any) should the government play? Which policies should be scrapped and what weird and wonderful things should be taught in Britain’s schools to boost entrepreneurship?

We’re already being flooded with ideas. "Bring back CGT taper relief!" cries Duane Jackson, founder of accountancy firm KashFlow. "This will encourage entrepreneurs to start up a second business in this country rather than abroad."

The Boss of 4Networking Brad Burton sounds his war cry: "Bin Business Link! £122m quid for what? A few leaflets."

If you’ve got any radical suggestions or ideas, we want to hear them!

Post your comments below, join our forum or follow us on Twitter.

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