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Say thank you once in a while – it’s worthwhile

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The ‘power of thank you’ report from One4all Rewards found gratitude – saying thank you to employees – created a ton of benefits. 

This includes more motivated staff. higher rates of staff retention; that it becomes easier to recruit and bosses enjoy better reputations. 

Despite this advantages, 20 per cent of employees say they never receive thanks for a hard day’s work, resulting in 75 per cent of workers feeling they aren’t valued by their employers.

11 per cent of workplaces claim they say ‘thank you’ using incentive schemes i.e bonuses or rewards, and try to link these to hitting certain goals or milestones. 

 Research says these prove effective because people want gratitude to have been earned first, and not a matter of routine.

Declan Byrne, UK managing director of One4all rewards, said: “In a busy working environment it’s easy for bosses to forget to say ‘thank you’ as often as their employees would like them to.

“But failure to correct this will severely impact on performance and profitability.”

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