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Scars, blisters and sores – all in the name of charity

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We were waving goodbye to a squad of healthy young professionals, and I suspected they’d come back from the experience invigorated, fitter and even closer as a team.

What actually crawled back into the office a few days later looked like a casualty ward on the Somme. One bigmouth bore the scars of having gone face-first over her handlebars, another had blisters the size of saucers and a third – thankfully now recovered – had actually been medivaced off the mountain.

It certainly gave me pause for thought. A significant chunk of bigmouthmedia’s core operational crew had been lost, injured or just plain knackered in the wilds of Scotland until the early hours of the morning. Come to think of it, I’m not entirely sure they all came back …

Even now they are a sorry sight, but I have to say I’ve never been prouder of them. It took real guts and determination for them to struggle through to the end, and the money they raised is going to a fantastic organisation.

You can help ease the pain by donating online at Maggie’s Monster Bike & Hike Fundraising page.

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