Scott Fletcher: “The government ignores technology”

“Now we’ve had a chance to hear from both leading political parties, it has become apparent to me that the policies proposed by both do not go far enough to encourage innovation from businesses and entrepreneurs as a way of creating positive change in the economy,” he comments.

“It’s been a difficult few years for businesses with capital-hungry banks refusing to lend and the pervasive sense of depression that comes with any recession,“ he continues. “George Osbourne’s speech last Tuesday promised pay freezes and significant cutbacks throughout the public sector, should the Conservatives come to power – something we have already seen in the private sector in the past year. Cost cutting and pay freezes do not, to me, seem like an inspiring way to motivate those who need it most. Any party in power needs to focus on rebuilding the country’s finances. Business development and entrepreneurship need to be encouraged and invested in, not stifled and subdued."

Fletcher says the UK business community cannot be put on pause while the government attempts to rebuild ailing institutions. Innovation should be the lifeblood of the country, particularly now when the need for reform and change is so great.

The ANS Group entrepreneur believes technology should be a focus for the government. “Every day we see new developments in this sector that could be applied to different industries to help businesses grow. The keynote speech at Socitm09, an influential annual conference for IT managers, also reflected this wish, adding to the growing number of voices calling for a fresh approach to both public and private-sector problem solving.

“But instead we are continuing to rehash the way we do things now – see the discouraging Digital Britain report for further evidence.

He goes on: “As part of his keynote speech, David Cameron talked about encouraging business and entrepreneurship, saying ‘self belief is infectious’. This may be, but self belief can only be generated in the right climate, with the right backing from those at the top. I urge both parties to make investment in business and innovation a priority or, in ten years’ time, this country will be in more trouble.”

Do you agree? Post your comments below and take a look at our own manifesto on how to rebuild Britain.

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