Scrap compulsory retirement?

“Older people should be encouraged to continue working as long as they are capable,” comments Charlie Mullins, managing director of Pimlico Plumbers. “To force them to stop working just because of their age is nothing short of discrimination and contradicts the very law that was brought in to counteract that.”

Over 50s make up 20 per cent of the workforce at Pimlico. Take Mario Rebellato, 67, for example. He joined the company in August 2006 after reading an article about Buster Martin, the 102 year old who was employed to valet Pimlico’s vehicles.

“Older staff tend to want to work hard and take great pride in their work. And they’re also less likely to take a career break or have long periods of time off work,” says Mullins.  

Over a million people in Britain currently work beyond the compulsory retirement age of 65 – and many more say they would if their boss allowed it.

A review of retirement age had been due in 2011, but Angela Eagle, the minister for pensions and the ageing society, yesterday announced that the review will happen next year “to respond to changing demographic and economic circumstances.”

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