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Secrets to reviving your business with a content waterfall from Gary Vaynerchuk

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20 June 2016

When we struggle to find the time for content marketing, cascading content can elevate our content marketing strategy. Bryan Adams of Ph.Creative shares his advice on waterfall content marketing, with inspiration from serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk.

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Producing enough of the right content can make or break a business. With the diversity of social platforms available, the amount of time we find ourselves able to invest in content marketing can be somewhat limited. However, if used effectively, cascading content can be a quick and easy solution.

Essentially, cascading content requires one compact piece of content at the top of the funnel, which will filter down into numerous pieces of micro content, saving a significant amount of time.

From every episode of my podcast series stems a variety of micro content, including blog posts, artwork and gifs. These are shareable on diverse social platforms including Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

There’s no doubt that the time I invest each week in researching guests and crafting the most suitable list of questions saves me time in the long run.

Read more from Bryan Adams:

Rather than continuously having to search for new content from scratch, the podcast is a productive content waterfall of useful quotes, adaptable messages and fresh content ideas that stick with me for future presentations, eBooks and videos.

One brand that has produced one of the most successful empires of waterfall content is VaynerMedia, founded by one of the digital world’s most charismatic public speakers: Gary Vaynerchuk.

Often known as “Gary Vee”, Vaynerchuk has used the power of content marketing to devise cascading, consumable content that resonates with his audience on a level that keeps his brand sitting at the top. 

To dig deeper, I interviewed him about the winning content funnel behind the VaynerMedia empire.

An expert at making content consumable, the VaynerMedia waterfall flows downwards from one piece of content in particular: the famous Ask Gary Vee show. This successful YouTube show produces endless streams of micro content that are predicated on the original content.

Continue reading on the next page for the three secrets to a content waterfall, and you too may be able to develop a social media presence in excess of 1.2m followers like Vaynerchuk.

The secrets to a content waterfall

(1) Let your audience help

By asking their own questions using the hashtag #AskGaryVee, Vaynerchuk’s customers are given the chance to have their voice heard. As he puts it, “it’s a reverse engineered mechanism.”

Rather than worry about providing the audience with self-generated facts and knowledge, Vaynerchuk is able to use the questions that fans ask him to extract fresh thoughts that he believes he simply wouldn’t have thought about himself. By listening to the voice of his audience, he’s essentially revitalizing his brand time and time again.

(2) Use it to plan ahead

From the content gathered at the top of the funnel, you can plan ahead for future events or content that may be piling on the pressure. Taken purely from the show itself, questions asked by his fans have become a pillar to Vaynerchuk’s public speaking presentations.

(3) Establish a social media presence

Rather than shy away from the diversity and complications of social media platforms, the key to great cascading content is to embrace the contrasts between platforms.

This requires taking a closer look at each platform and exploring where each section of your audience spends their time. Vaynerchuk emphasised, “the 140 character limit worked well for me on Twitter. I love analogies and quotes”.

VaynerMedia has created an impressive, engaged online fan base who truly believe in their brand and the person behind it. Achieving over 200,000 followers on Instagram and over 1,000,000 followers on Twitter, Vaynerchuk is achieving the unexpected by cultivating a community that are invested in a business personality in a similar way to social media’s biggest entertainers.

If you persona map your audience and take a closer look at what they want and need from each piece of content, you’ll be able to add shape your content funnel with value that pushes your brand to the top.

“If you build your brand and put out great content right now, you will have a better chance at breaking out than if you do it a year later,” says Vaynerchuk.

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Bryan Adams is CEO and founder of Ph.Creative

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