Secrets to scaling sevenfold revealed by CEO of ecommerce disruptor Depop

Find leaders who scale

Find leaders with the right kind of experience that you need to scale up your business. Don?t make the mistake of just hiring leaders out of a larger organisation and assuming that they will automatically know how to scale your company. Just because someone has run a similar function at a bigger organisation does not always mean that they know much about how to take your company to that scale.

Depop’s head of people has not run an HR department in a larger organisation, but she has been responsible for the wellbeing of a crew of sailors circumnavigating the world.

As it turns out, her experience looking after people in these extreme conditions is quite transferable to a fast-growing startup where people get very close and spend a lot of time together and where the pressure on individuals can sometimes be immense.

The “baby” of eBay and Instagram: How Depop married ecommerce and social media

Realise you will make mistakes

Every business is different so there isn?t a one size fits all advice; no one can give you the exact blueprint of how to scale it. It helps a lot if you have done it before in another context and you can avoid many of the mistakes by surrounding yourself with a leadership team who have previously helped scale other businesses.

Of course, whenever you venture into unknown territory, the risk of making mistakes increases greatly, so do plan for things going wrong along the way.

Go in with a positive mindset but be open to spotting and admitting mistakes so that you can move on quickly when something does not work out the way it was intended ? it’s all part of the process.

At Depop we encourage employees to take risks and be comfortable with mistakes. After all it?s only really a mistake the second time you make it.

Runar Reistrup is the CEO of social commerce business Depop ? the app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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