“Sell Britain” – PM to business ambassadors

David Cameron’s business ambassadors gathered for the first time at Downing Street yesterday.

David Cameron, the prime minister, hosted the meeting with Lord Green, the new trade and investment minister, to discuss how the government can boost Britain’s export market.

Addressing the ambassadors for the first time, David Cameron stressed the importance of trade to the UK economy – telling the ambassadors that the priority is “growth, growth, growth”.

David Cameron wants the ambassadors to “sell Britain” to the rest of the world as developing countries such as China, India and Brazil grow.

“I don’t think promoting British trade is just something for the government,” David Cameron said.

“I think it’s something all of business can help us with, and that’s where business ambassadors come in. I want you to sell Britain – British exports and Britain as a place for investment. There’s going to be a very big government impetus behind this policy.”

David Cameron announced the Coalition’s new business ambassadors last November – you can view a full list here.

The idea is that the business ambassadors will help UK businesses to recognise and exploit business opportunities abroad.

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