Selling CDs with trips to Mexico and magic mushrooms

Freese is offering tiered packages to his fans with unusual perks to prompt them to buy his album, Since 72.

For $50 (£25), you get a t-shirt and a 5-minute telephone call thanking you for your purchase. For 15 lucky people, the $500 (£249) package gets you a signed CD, T-shirt, cymbal, and even a dip in a sensory-deprivation tank with Freese himself and supper at Sizzler.

But there are also a few one-of-a-kind offers on the table. For a stonking $75,000 (£41,000), you get a signed edition of the album, and the chance to go on tour with Freese, or have him play with your band. And the prizes get even weirder: you could land up with Freese as your cabana boy for a week, get taken on a bender to Mexico, or have a five-song EP written about you.

The oddest offer is undoubtedly the chance to "take shrooms and cruise Hollywood in Danny from Tool’s Lamborghini."

And we thought free album downloads were cool…

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