Seven fundamental elements to acquire new customers online

However great your product, however well optimised your e-store, or however powerful your brand message, without customers, you’re a ship without sails and certainly no sales! Knowing where to find new customers and which channels or strategies work for your business is crucial. 

Executing a good customer acquisition strategy from the get-go, or as soon as possible, will provide you with the metrics to measure which channels are the most successful, to work out your customer acquisition cost (CAC) and where you can increase your return on investment (ROI). 

A good customer acquisition strategy will grow and change as your business does but there are some fundamental elements to focus on before testing new channels and ideas. 

1) Have an online presence!

Whether or not you’re an ecommerce pure player, most businesses now need an online presence, and you can either be welcoming potential customers from the first page of search engine results, or be renegaded to the umpteenth page, never to be seen again! Search engine optimisation is central to customer acquisition, it’s a long-term investment but with sustainable return. 

2) Get SEO right yourself…

SEO basics involve a strong site structure. For example, a tree structure is favourable for ecommerce sites to help search engine algorithms pick out the information needed to push you up the search rankings. 

Keywords are the terms that potential clients use to search for your products. Finding the best keywords can be done with some clever research and Google cross-checking. Longtail keywords, or phrases, are also worth considering as potential customers that use more specific search terms generally have a greater intention to buy. Make sure keywords are easily positioned for search engines to find; URLs, page titles, page copy, product descriptions, internal link text, image names and description tags. 

3) …or hire an SEO expert

You dont need to be an SEO expert to get the groundwork done, but you can always hire one if needed. Choosing to work with an SEO expert can save you time, increase your visibility and keep you ahead of ever evolving Google algorithms, all whilst optimising your ROI.

Working with good content and having other websites link to your site also improves organic SEO. For your pages to be shared, you need people to want to share them, because theyre interesting, informative and exclusive.

4) Content marketing

SEO and content marketing go hand in hand – the more relevant your content, the better your rankings and the bigger your follower base! Content marketing is the cool kid on the block and it’s not going anywhere, so while the permanent content on your site needs to be informative and engaging, you can also benefit from topical and issues-driven white papers, videos, blog posts, special offers and newsletters. 

Aim to provide your audience with content theyll enjoy and want to digest, whilst demonstrating your expertise in your sector. By doing so you are showing potential customers that you’re a great company to do business with, and are worth recommending to other people. 

Discover three more methods to acquire customers on page two…

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