Seven secret Santa suggestions

1. It’s a classic, but you can’t beat a good old-fashioned mug to see you through the year ahead! Or even a thermos mug – perhaps in the shape of R2D2 – to help save money on those lattes on the way to work!

2. So many people have an iPhone now-a-days, and so many are inclined to drop them! Why not brighten up someone’s phone, or offer protection, by buying a snazzy iPhone case. In this case, much like the mug, you can easily personalise the gift.

3. Why not try an amusing lunchbox” Many employees now bring their own lunch to work. This can be anything from a new official football team kit bag (in the form of a shirt), a zombie survival kit or even a first aid box stating: Incase of emergency take a break!

4. But what better gift for than a window view poster for those unfortunate colleagues of yours who’ve drawn the short straw in the office and have to stare at a wall. While a storm is ranging on outside, your colleague could be looking at the New York skyline.

5. And what about a gift that will prove helpful to both new teams and your sales and marketing teams Try this big book of ice breakers!

6. Nobody wants to work on a desk that’s covered in sandwich and biscuit crumbs. They clog up the keyboard and get stuck to your sleeves! The mini henry vacuum cleaner will make sure to always keep your colleagues desks squeaky clean!

7. With the declining temperature and buckets of rain we’ve faced this month, we bundle up in scarfs, hats and gloves the latter of which makes it incredibly difficult for you to use a touch screen! But touch screen gloves keep your hands toasty warm, while being compatible with all touch screen devices.

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