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Seven time-saving apps your fellow entrepreneurs use to boost productivity

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12 November 2015

There are a plethora of apps in the market that claim to help the busiest people get more done, in less time. The problem is – who actually has the time to trawl through the myriad apps to find the few that truly give you back an extra hour a day?

While it isn’t possible to create more hours in the day, from speaking to entrepreneurs and productivity experts, there are apps out there that can help you to maximise your day and make your time go that bit further.

The seven apps below are repeatedly recommended by productive entrepreneurs who’ve, through trial and error, unearthed the tools that really work.

So now the leg work has been done for you, go forth and save time!

1. focus@will

This app is genius. It describes itself as a ‘neuroscience based music subscription service that helps you increase your attention span by up to 400 per cent’. And it works. Put simply, it will curate a playlist specific to you and your needs at that time to help boost your concentration and focus levels. All the benefits of a Spotify playlist without losing an hour creating it.

Free to download on iOS and Android phones.

2. Wunderlist

The best ‘to-do list’ app out there. As well as allowing you to manage your own progress, the new app allows you to share to-do lists with colleagues and assign tasks to individuals. This means you can collaborate seamlessly with your team, ensuring they are constantly up to speed and eliminating the need to constantly request progress reports.

Free to download on iOS, Android and Windows phones.

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3. Evernote

This is the modern answer to Filofax. Meeting notes, to do lists, articles you want to read, images, PowerPoints, all important ideas – all of these can be filed and organised within the app, and are accessible on the go. No more searching through old file trees or email chains. Indispensable.

Free to download on iOS and Android phones.

4. Todoist

This app works with you to improve your productivity. It’s new, much praised, feature ‘Todoist Karma’ allows you to track your own personal productivity trends helping you to stay motivated and get your ‘to-do list’ finished.

It’s recent makeover means it is now one of the cleanest and easy to understand apps in the business and works brilliantly across all your devices. A great personal productivity tool, although very popular for use in business too.

Free to download on iOS and Android phones.

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5. Asana

Another great project management tool that keeps you appraised of your team’s actions. One particularly handy feature is the in build ‘hearts’ that allow team members to vote on ideas in app and immediately. The app is also brilliant for team morale, individual’s and/or a teams accomplishments are easily viewed and praised accordingly.

Free to download on iOS and Android phones.

6. Out of Milk

Simple, but once you start using it – essential. This lets you create shopping lists to share amongst your family and/or the office. This time-saving wonder lets everyone contribute in real time to the shopping list, meaning you’ll never run out of milk again for that essential morning coffee.

Free to download on iOS and Android phones.

7. Doodle

Sick of playing email ping-pong to get a meeting in the diary with colleagues or clients? Doodle streamlines the process allowing you to finalise plans with just one email, meaning you can spend more time on what matters – growing your business.

Create an event online with potential dates, send it to your colleagues or clients and let them vote on the time that suits all. Once everyone has taken part the app works out the best time for everyone and notifies you. Done.

Free to download on iOS and Android, and your colleagues and clients don’t even need to have the app for it to work. The desktop version is also available here.

The app recommendations were compiled from ‘The Productivity Book: 30 Professionals Talk About Time Management’ a 200 page eBook filled with personal stories and helpful tips from productivity experts to help make the reader be more productive with their time.

Available to download from iBooks and Amazon for free until 15 November 2015

Michael Brecht is CEO of online scheduling tool Doodle and author of The Productivity Book.