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Seven tips to heat your office for less this winter

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By implementing a few simple changes within your office, you can still create a warm environment and lower your bills.

(1) Carry out an energy audit

If you want to look at ways of saving money on your energy, it’s a good idea to carry out an energy audit first. This will look at your requirements and how energy is currently used within the building, as well as suggest what improvements could be made.

(2) Change your thermostat

Just lowering the temperature of your heating by one degree can make a big difference to the cost without affecting the overall temperature of the office too much. The latest programmable thermostats enable you to regulate the temperature more effectively, so it’s turned up when people are working, but it won’t be left on when the office is empty.

(3) Prevent draughts

It only takes a small gap to generate a draught and make your office feel colder, so you automatically turn the heating up. This isnt effective, though, as the gaps cause the warm air to escape. You should have a thorough check of the building for any gaps and then seal them up.

(4) Install a new heating system

If your current heating system is a few years old, it won’t be as effective as a newer model. You might think the expense of a new system isnt worth it, but you will save money on your heating bills, so youll soon see the cost savings. Modern heat pumps are more energy-efficient and will meet your requirements and reduce your energy usage.

(5) Use renewable energy

Many businesses are put off using renewable sources of energy because of the initial cost, and they dont feel the systems are effective enough. However, the technology has improved from the earlier models and will repay the initial cost in energy savings within a few years. Any additional energy that is generated can be resold to the National Grid, and youll be generating your own energy for free.

(6) Look at the office design

How your building is designed can enable you to heat the office more efficiently. Large east- and west-facing windows allow you to make use of the suns rays and heat up your office for free. On cloudier days or after dark, having blinds that can be closed will add in a further layer of insulation and help to keep the warmth inside.

(7) Improve your insulation

Insulation doesnt last forever, and if your energy costs have started to increase, you might need to have new insulation installed. This will cost you to fit, but it will generate savings over the longer term. High-quality wall and ceiling insulation will create a seal and keep the office warmer, which will help to lower your energy costs.

Putting some of these ideas into practice will make a significant difference to your energy usage and heating bills. 

Some of them can be accomplished straight away, whereas others will require more planning and initial outlay. However, they will all result in a warmer office and lower costs in the future.

Tom Corkhill is ecommerce manager at Anchor Pumps.



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